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Need help with your interior or exterior paint project? Hometown Lumber & Hardware will be there every step of the way — from helping you choose the right paint color to providing all the paint supplies you need to get the job done. Not sure where to start with choosing the right paint color or sheen?

Acrylic vs. Latex

The most popular paint choices for projects at home are acrylic and latex paints.


Acrylic Paint is a chemically composed, fast-drying option that becomes water-resistant when dry. This makes acrylic paint and acrylic primer exceptional choices for trim work outdoors — as this paint expands and contracts better than latex.


Alternately, latex paint is a water-based and extremely popular option for painting large areas, thanks to its slower drying speed. This means it blends easily with itself and doesn’t produce harsh lines between dry and wet paint.

Choosing the Right Paint Sheen

Paint comes in a variety of sheens, from flat to gloss. Not sure which is right for your space?

  • FLAT paint is ideal for master bedrooms, dining rooms and other low-traffic areas. It’s also a great option to use as Ceiling Paint.

  • EGGSHELL offers a slight shine. It can be wiped down, making it ideal for high-traffic spaces like family rooms and hallways.

  • SATIN can be scrubbed clean, making it ideal for high-traffic areas and moisture-prone rooms like kitchens and bathrooms.

  • SEMI-GLOSS offers maximum durability and is therefore ideal for children’s rooms and high-moisture spaces.

  • GLOSS offers an ultra-shiny finish and makes a good choice for doors, cabinets and decorative moulding and trim.


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